American Deposit Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of services for your safe deposit area. Currently providing lockwork services in Texas and Oklahoma.
Your safe deposit vault represents the biggest dollar investment per square foot in your institution and it should be operated, maintained and cleaned accordingly. Over half of the financial institutions in Texas with safe deposit boxes use American Deposit Services, Inc. for maintaining and cleaning their safe deposit vaults. American Deposit Services also provides forms, equipment, operations manuals and procedural consulting services to financial institutions nationwide. Standardization is our specialty in vault operations.

We specialize in vault maintenance exclusively; it is not our “sideline”. Our technicians are trained and arrive with fully stocked vans, including locks, key blanks and key machines. We can be in and out before other companies locate the proper parts, completing our work in one trip. We do not leave holes in your vault.

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Lockwork & Routine Maintenance
Just as with any mechanical equipment, keeping your safe deposit boxes and vault on a scheduled maintenance plan insures that it continues to function efficiently and reduces future repair. It also portrays to your customer that you care about their valuables and most important possessions.

We will be happy to provide you with an estimate for our lockwork services, BUT first we must visit your vault and determine the various types of safe deposit locks and equipment in your vault. Our survey only takes a few minutes but will provide us with the information needed.
  • Lock Rotations
  • Lock Repairs
  • Lock Replacements
  • Delinquent Drills
  • Key Duplications
  • Factory Cut Guard Keys
  • Setting locks to match Guard Keys
Lock Rotations
Lock rotation is a court tested method of reducing the possibility of unauthorized access. All locks to previously rented Safe Deposit boxes are physically removed and exchanged with a lock on another box. Imagine how you, as a customer, would feel if you had just rented a Safe Deposit box and found that the previous renter also possessed a key that would un-lock your box. This rotation method ensures that if a key to a previously rented box has been duplicated, it will no longer continue to operate in the lock on the original box.

Emergency Service
Has your customer lost their key(s)? Do you have a court order for a box to be opened? If so, you want someone you can depend on to be there when you need service. Our technicians are trained to help solve most emergencies that may arise.
  • Emergency Drills
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Water Damage Restoration
Protect-A-Key System™
This system has been designed to offer your organization the ultimate in Safe Deposit security. In using this type of service, which is highly recommended by The American Banking Association, you will greatly reduce your liability by eliminating the need for your personnel to handle the keys to available or surrendered safe deposit boxes. This system is worth its weight in gold if a lawsuit should occur regarding missing contents from one of your customer's boxes.

Protect-A-Key™ Cabinet
This container, which remains the property of American Deposit Services, Inc. (ADS), has been designed especially for the protection of your surrendered and ready-to-rent safe deposit box keys. Two original keys to the outside door will be delivered to your organization at the time of installation. ADS does not retain a duplicate key to this lock. The keys to the lock in the top drawer remain in the possession of ADS and the only entry to this drawer can be made by ADS.

At American Deposit Services (ADS), we customize our service to our customer's needs so your installation will be personalized for your institution's vault size and current rented vs. available status. Either via phone or through a visit by our staff, we will do an inventory of your vault which will provide us with the information necessary to deliver an estimation for this service. You will also receive more detailed information about the entire process at that time.

Available / Surrendered Safe Deposit Box Keys
Available box keys - Keys to ready to rent boxes should be kept under strict dual control to prevent an unauthorized key from being obtained. Court cases have been lost on the premise that an unauthorized key could have been made. Surrendered box keys – The handling of surrendered keys holds the same liability as the ready to rent keys. All previously surrendered box keys are checked and serviced. Future surrendered keys will be placed by the customer directly into the cabinet locked drawer which immediately places the keys under dual control.

Our Protect-A-Key System™ has been designed around simplicity of operation. A special training session will be provided at installation. Custom written instructions tailored specifically to your organization will be provided for a nominal cost.

Hundreds of our customers are protected with the Protect-A-Key System™. We would be happy to provide you references. We are confident you will be pleased with the sense of security and protection of the Protect-A-Key System™.

Call us today to get started on the process of bringing peace-of-mind to your Safe Deposit area.

Vault Cleaning
  • Steel Cleaning
  • Cosmetic Vault Door Cleaning

Cleaning steel and aluminum vaults requires specialized cleaning agents and equipment including the "know-how" so as to not ruin the grain of the steel. Our crews provide excellent service and our customers boast the cleanest vaults in Texas. We will be glad to provide a free quote for cleaning and reduced rates are available for prepaid cleanings annually.

Your safe deposit vault houses the valuables of your most important customers. The pride your institution takes in protecting their valuables is shown in the care of the vault.

Companies that show they care about employee surroundings and their development have shown an improved productivity in daily work.

Your vault is typically a sealed enviroment. When you neglect the cleaning of such, the dirt and grime compound and actually creates a greater health risk to those who must spend time in the vault - Your customers and employees!

Using just any method of cleaning the safe deposit area is not an assurance your investment is being protected from potential corrosion and blemishes. Our special process protects and beautifies the outside as well as ensures that liquid does not get inside the boxes and potentially to your customers valuables.

Audit Support & Training
Financial institutions around the country have faced the challenges of staffing their safe deposit vault. In doing so, the variety of employees who service the customer has increased and in many cases the safeguards for protecting the safety of the process have been jeopardized. Our standardization of procedures for your institution(s) allows you to feel comfortable that your customers are being provided the safest environment for their personal needs, and knowing your staff is well trained in the correct process.

ADS experienced staff will audit and identify all rented boxes by recording rental date from all contracts. Access records will be verified to the history cards. The available boxes will be determined from the keys. Any boxes missing locks/doors or requiring service will be identified as service required boxes. Any history cards remaining unidentifiable will be classified as mystery boxes. This situation requires research and extreme caution to solve. ADS will assist your vault personnel in solving these problems. In addition, any procedural problems detected during the audit will be referred to management for resolution.

Procedural Support
Many of our customers need and prefer our direct consulting services to help them organize and standardize their operations and procedures. We can guide your staff through any situation and know the laws so that you are protected from exposure to potential losses. Use the Contact us button at the top of the page to send us an E-mail. We will call you or answer directly whichever you prefer.

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