The Complete Guide to Safe Deposit Administration

This loose-leaf handbook can limit your potential liability by providing your full time, part time and relief employee with the correct day-to-day operating procedures tailored to all safe deposit operations. This easy to use 325 page handbook covers over 150 topics including:
  • Deceased Renters
  • Past Due Boxes
  • Unclaimed Property
  • Power of Attorney
  • Deputy and Agents
  • Contracts and Forms
  • Billings and Collections
  • Disappearance Claims
  • Renting Boxes
  • Surrendering Boxes
  • Access Procedures
  • Key Control
  • Vault Maintenance
  • Plus Many More!
Step-by-step completion instructions for all forms sold by American Deposit Services, Inc. are provided in this handbook.

This handbook was co-authored by Waverly Egbert, American Deposit Services, Inc.


$175.00 (each)

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The Complete Guide to Safe Deposit Auditing

Clear and concise on every pertinent audit subject, this 90 page manual covers over 300 thought provoking audit questions. It also addresses these concerns:
  • If sued, what questions would be asked?
  • Can you analyze your potential liability?
  • Would your procedures hold up in court?
  • Would your attendant be a good witness?
  • Will an audit minimize your exposure?
  • Can your safe deposit area be profitable?
  • When was your contract last reviewed?
This loose-leaf manual includes complete step by step audit procedures and all forms needed to complete the audit. Information regarding contractual issues, internal controls, forms, pricing, inventory controls, security operating procedures, income expenses and record keeping are also explained.

This Handbook was co-authored by Waverly Egbert, American Deposit Services, Inc.


$175.00 (each)

Delinquent Procedures Manual

This manual was written by American Deposit Services, Inc. after many questions, requests and much confusion about what to do when a Safe Deposit Box becomes delinquent.
  • What and how many notices are needed?
  • Do I have the Right of Offset?
  • When do I drill?
  • How and what do I inventory?
  • How long should I hold contents before reporting?
  • Should I drill before reporting?
  • What determines the reporting date?
  • How long do I hold drill records?

All of the above questions and many more are answered in this manual. There are over 85 pages written in a step-by-step method to walk you thru every action from initial billing to escheatment and retention of records. Also at the end of this manual are the Texas Treasury Instructions for Inventory and Escheatment.

This TEXAS DELINQUENT PROCEDURE MANUAL will be invoiced upon receipt of your registration on the web.


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