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American Deposit Services, Inc. was established in 1981 and is proud to say that we were the "First" to satisfy your complete Safe Deposit needs. Thank you for allowing us to continue to be the "Best" in serving you - our valuable customer!!

Our philosophy is to be the best at Safe Deposit in order to always be able to provide our customers with the most accurate and reliable information and services. That's what we believed in 1981 at our inception and it is still the basis of who we are today!
Tina Moss Tina Moss - President and Chief Executive Officer

Tina's main priorities are to support and enhance the excellent level of service at American Deposit Services, Inc., while utilizing the best trained professionals in the industry. Tina has 32 years in customer oriented positions, a Bachelor of Science in Business specializing in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, A+ Certification, Safe Deposit Lock Servicing Certification, Microsoft Office Specialist Certification and is a member of the Business International Honor Society, Delta Mu Delta. Tina has an overall knowledge of all the positons in the company and is working with all staff members in order to optimize the operation of American Deposit Services, Inc.

Ken Egbert Ken Egbert Senior Vice President and Chairman of the Board

Ken is one of the founders of American Deposit Services, Inc., and began his locksmith career while sailing around Alaska on an ice breaker for the U S Coast Guard. After being honorably discharged in 1965 he was employed by Diebold as their lead mechanic in Detroit, MI. Five years and several riots later he was persuaded to leave town. Ken then moved to Atlanta, GA to become service supervisor with Mosler Safe Company. While in Atlanta he attended college at night and received an associate degree in Business Management. In 1980, he was transferred to San Antonio, TX to take over as Branch Manager for Mosler.

In 1981 Mosler was sold and went through a complete change in top management. Ken decided it was time to make a change in employment. Ken's wife, Waverly was also ready to make a change in profession and left the Internal Revenue Service after 19 years in the Audit Division. American Deposit Services, Inc. was conceived and incorporated in 1981 and was the only company specializing in full safe deposit service. Because of his expertise in the banking equipment field Ken was asked to participate in the production of four thirty minute shows for Masterminds. These shows have been broadcast many times on the Court TV Channel.
Waverly Egbert Waverly Egbert (1941-2015)

Previous Senior Vice President and one of the founders of American Deposit Services, Inc., Dallas, Texas a leading nationwide publisher of safe deposit forms and documents. With an extensive audit background, Waverly has assisted financial organizations nationwide by auditing and organizing their safe deposit area. Her corporation handles all forms and equipment necessary to operate an efficient, easy to operate, low cost operation. Waverly has held offices with the San Antonio Alamo Area chapter and the Texas Safe Deposit Association of TASDA. She was a past member of the TASDA Board and a TASDA "Certificate of Expertise" recipient.

She was honored with many TASDA awards and was awarded a lifetime membership with The American Safe Deposit Association. She was a consultant in all phases of safe deposit, an instructor of safe deposit forms and related procedures and had over 45 years of audit experience. Waverly is co-author of the "Safe Deposit Policy and Procedures Handbook", "Safe Deposit Audit Compliance Manual", "Delinquent Procedures Handbook" and the Power Point Training Package.

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